5 thoughts on “Foundation Under Attack – The Roots of Apostasy

  1. Hi Tom, you have no idea how much my mind has been put at ease with your videos, I always knew in my heart there was something wrong with the 70 weeks of Daniel.

    My wife and I are now contributing to 1st amendment radio so that you continue the work the Lord has put into your heart to do.

    So many things are no so clear to me, like day and night.

    God bless you and his elect family.

  2. Do you feel alone? when you go here and there, is there anyone you can talk to about God? about his sovereignty? then, you are not alone, we are in the world and we are all feeling that nobody cares, nobody is afraid of God, nobody even believes that God created all things, but that’s part of being in the path, in the narrow way, going through much tribulations.

    We live in a world where people only care about success and feeling good, I often use the analogy of “a grain of sand in the beach” when comparing the length of this life to eternity, and we only have that grain of sand in duration to be conformed to the image of God’s son, either that or hell, it is a very simple choice to me, well, not even a choice as we are saved by grace and by grace only.

    Don’t feel like your messages are not reaching out, they are, we are in another continent and we found your messages (my wife and I)

    God bless his elect family and specially the ones being hated the most by screaming out loud the God’s truth.

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