“The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson (pages 591-607)

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To summarize the last two broadcasts of Inquisition Update, I will simply quote Thompson.

“We all concede that whatever is derived from God must be just and right: he is infallible.  Whosoever shall be persuaded to believe that these doctrines [that the power of the pope over both spirituals and temporals is derived directly from God, and that its exercise over the world is the act of God himself] are according to his teachings, to him they necessarily become just and right. No defender of papal infallibility is permitted to deny them—excommunication and anathema have already been decreed against him if he does.  With all such, then their duty to the Church is higher and more obligatory than any duty they can owe to human governments, either in the United States or elsewhere.  And if the pope shall tell them, in an official bull or brief, that there are principles of government prevailing here which are condemned by the law of God; that this country belongs of right to “the domain of the Catholic Church” by virtue of the discovery by Columbus; that this right, being divine, can never be destroyed or impaired by revolution; that the papal jurisdiction has been wrongfully and criminally displaced by lawless usurpation; that the Government existing here is de facto, and not de jure, because it is merely human, and not such as God’s law requires; that it does not recognize the temporal power as subordinate to the spiritual, which God commands, but the spiritual, in its exterior organization, as subordinate to the temporal, which God forbids; that it has disunited the State and the Church, and tolerates different forms of religion, which is heresy; that all such institutions as ours, being Protestant, are infidel, because they deny to the papacy the right to measure our laws by the papal standard—if he shall tell them any or all of these things, and enjoin upon them that, in view of all this wrong, injustice, and crime, it is a duty which the papacy owes to God to re-assert its jurisdiction here, to restore again the true apostolic Christianity (Catholicism), to banish all this heresy, and to build up a lawful government constructed according to the divine plan; with all these and other kindred propositions before their minds, pressed and urged upon them by cunning and adroit priests, trained for the purpose in Jesuit schools, what will those who believe that the pope is infallible do and say?  Will they obey or disobey the pope?  That is the question which no ingenuity can evade.  He who accepts papal infallibility, and with it the ultramontane interpretation of the power of the pope over the world, and thinks that by offending the pope he offends God, will obey passively, unresistingly, uninquiringly.  Such a man, whether priest or layman, high or low, is necessarily inimical to the Government and political institutions of the United States. With him his oath of allegiance would be worth no more than the paper upon which it is written.  It would not stand a single moment before the all-absorbing absolutism of the pope, whose commands are equivalent with him to those of God.  Or if, for a moment, he should stop to consider the extent of its possible obligation, the pope would be ready to assure him that, as it required him to do what the welfare of his Church and the will of God forbade him to do, it was null and void from the beginning.  Or if still there should be some little unrest in his conscience, some slight misgivings as to the true line of his duty, the power of dispensation would be ready at hand to release him from the obligation of his sworn allegiance, and snap the cords that bind him to the Government, as the same kind of cords have been snapped by other popes and in other countries.  To this end do the papal teachings inevitably lead; it is their natural and logical result.”

From this quote we can clearly discern Thompson’s meaning: that within this nation lies a vast fifth column for the eventual overthrow of our Protestant government and our Protestant faith, the Papal Church of Rome!

Thompson goes on to describe the teachings of Peter Dens and Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Jesuits called, “mental restrictions” by which Catholics may lie without actually lying, according to the Roman Catholic Church. These teachings are so twisted and perverted and complicated and absurd that they are difficult even to articulate. The best way to describe them is to give an example: According to the Roman Catholic Church, a Papist swearing the oath of office to the Presidency of the United States may say aloud, “I swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States….” and then in a whisper, or within himself say, “when hell freezes over”…and then finish aloud, “so help me God!” To those who hear the words that he has spoken, it appears that he has sworn a lawful oath; when in reality, he has lied. This kind of “mental restriction” is expected and approved as valid by the Papal Church of Rome. And it also explains why our laws and our Constitution are being replaced by Roman Catholic Canon Law by those who have sworn the oaths of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency of the United States.

When the teachings of the Roman Church are clearly understood, it becomes apparent that Catholics are bound to lie to protect the church and to extend its power and influence and control, and eventually, its conquest of the world. So lightly does the Roman Catholic Church hold truth-telling, it is not an exaggeration to say that if a Catholic’s lips are moving, he’s lying! And in the case of Catholics in our government, they may even lie about their faith and profess any other religion in order to protect the Papal Church from suspicion and blame. This alone should explain volumes to my listeners and readers.

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“The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson (pages 580-591)

Today on Inquisition Update: (for the broadcasts Fri., Jan 4 and Mon., Jan 7, 2013)

R.W. Thompson continues his discussion about the papacy’s definitions of governments as either being de facto (illegitimate) or de jure (legitimate).

“That these doctrines may be comprehended, it is necessary to keep in mind that, according to the teachings of Rome, governments de facto are those which have been established by the people upon the overthrow of the kingly authority—which is considered the only legitimate authority.  Governments de jure are such as are based upon the law of God, with kings at there head, who shall obey the pope as the highest authority upon earth.  In this view, all Roman Catholic monarchies are governments de jure, and therefore legitimate; while all popular republics [such as the U.S. government] are governments de facto, and therefore illegitimate. Kings must always rule; the peoplenever.  Hence, the old Roman Catholic monarchy of Spain, overthrown a few years ago, was a government de jure, to which implicit and passive obedience was due.  Hence, also, the Government of the United States is a government de facto, because it was the offspring of revolution, and was substituted in place of a monarchy.”

It must also be understood that a government de facto is a government “in fact.”  The government of the U.S. is a government “in fact;” acknowledged as existing as a consummated fact by the world. But being a government “in fact,” no matter how long it exists, does not carry with it the quality of legitimacy, according to the papacy. Further, all governments de facto are born with by the papacy only until such time that their overthrow may be accomplished and a government de jure may be successfully established in its place. Accordingly, the papal classification of de facto upon the U.S. government simply means that it will be born with by the papacy only until such time, or as opportunity presents, that it may be overthrown and a papal monarchy put in its place. I have already asserted that the U.S. Presidency acts more and more like a papal monarchy. I have also already asserted that the Club of Rome may have already appointed a king to rule over each of the ten regions of the world already mapped out for this purpose, and that under such rule, the president will simply be an administrator under his king.

It is also well understood that prudence dictates when this overthrow is to take place, and also the manner of the overthrow. Rome well understands the danger posed to the “Church” in these attempts. It would only do harm to the Church were these attempts to be made without the reasonable assurance of their success.

This was the very assertion made when we read and discussed the book, “The Ark and the Dove” by J. Moss Ives. At the time of the Revolutionary War, unlike today, Roman Catholics were an extreme minority, about 1% of the Colonial population. Demonstrating the necessary prudence, Jesuit John Carroll, seeing the danger posed to the Catholics if the pope interjected himself to govern them at a time when the overwhelming majority Protestants were in no mood to tolerate any interference by any foreign potentate, especially the pope of Rome, tactfully asked the pope to allow the Catholics in the Colonies to appoint their own bishops and to govern themselves without his interference. Otherwise, the overwhelming majority Protestants would see the papacy governing the Catholics and take violent steps to eliminate them and to prevent the rise of papal tyranny from which they fled in coming to America in the first place. Jesuit John Carroll well understood the very real possibility that if extreme prudence was not exercised by the papacy and by the Catholic Colonists, the Catholics would be slaughtered and the Colonies would be declared to be Protestant and the papacy would forever be barred, not only in America, but that it may lose control of the entire western hemisphere. It was well understood by the entire Carroll family that the only way for Catholicism to survive in Protestant America was to promote religious liberty and to denounce religious persecution. Only then could they hope that someday the American Roman Catholic Church might grow into the dominant power that it is in America today. Their early prudence paid off, big time!

First of all it must be understood by my readers and listeners that, from the papacy’s point of view, seeing itself as being the divine right ruler of the entire world as the “Vicar of Christ,” its claim to this hemisphere is vested in its “discovery” by Christopher Columbus of Spain under Roman Catholics Ferdinand and Isabella on behalf of the Pope, Alexander VI, one of, if not the most despicable popes of all time. The papacy regards the discovery of the western hemisphere by Columbus as an act of divine providence and an affirmation by God that the papacy is under divine blessing and help. Compounding this nonsensical notion is the belief that its discovery was God’s way of repaying the papacy for the losses it sustained as a result of the Protestant Reformation during the 16th Century. Just at the time when the papacy had no more worshipers in Europe, God prepared an entire hemisphere here in the west to replace them. Rome was not about to allow the Colonies to be declared Protestant and risk losing the last hope on earth of realizing its diabolical destiny, the divine right rule of the world. And the United States, more than any other nation in world history, has accomplished the global conquest for the papacy for which it has waited nearly two millenniums.

And none of it could have happened if America were truly, as in the beginning, PROTESTANT! For, to be Protestant, one must comprehend from the scriptures and from history that the papacy is the prophesied Antichrist, and his church, the whore of Revelation 17 and 18. The Protestant Reformers, to the man, all knew this from scripture and from papal history. It was upon this knowledge that they all agreed. And the knowledge was so widespread throughout Europe that it appeared, for all intents and purposes, that the papacy would be destroyed for lack of support.

To stop the Protestant Exodus from the Roman Church, the Vatican had to think quickly and come up with a way to debunk the Protestant view of the papacy as Antichrist. It solicited the help of two Jesuit priests, Alcazar and Ribera. Alcazar came up with the Praeterist theory of Bible prophecy interpretation that identified the Antichrist as Nero or some other of the pagan Roman Ceasars, making the Papacy the Christ. Ribera came up with the view that is most popularly held by “Christians” today…..Futurism, which claims that the Antichrist won’t arise until just before Christ’s return. Both bogus interpretations exonerate the papacy as even a candidate for Antichrist. But those who hold either of these views are ignorant of the fact that neither of these beliefs were known in the world prior to the Protestant Reformation. None stop to even consider what the Protestant Reformers believed and why. There was not a Praeterist or a Futurist among them. They, just like all Bible believers before them, held to the Historicist view; that prophecy is only known to be fulfilled when it is seen in history. And history leaves only one candidate for Antichrist, the Popes of Rome.

But for lack of this knowledge in “Protestant” America, the papacy has been able to use this country as its most successful proxy warrior. Were it not for the prevailing ignorant view that the Antichrist is not a factor in the world today, we would only have the correct and Historicist view of Bible prophecy and all would recognize, as did all the Reformers, that there is no Antichrist but the papacy. And none of our papal proxy wars would have been fought and the papacy would have no worshipers here in America either. Now, thanks to “Protestant” America, Rome not only rules this country, but the world! Rome’s prudence and Jesuit ingenuity were answered by Protestant ignorance and apostasy. The rest is history.

Welcome to the New World Order!

“The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson (pages 576-580)

Today on Inquisition Update:

At the time of the writing of his book, R.W. Thompson relates that the American Roman Catholic Church, through its hierarchy, had already been thoroughly indoctrinated to accept the papacy’s authority as supreme and infallible, both in spiritual (religious) and in temporal (civil government) affairs, in preparation for the up-coming explicit and canonical proclamation of that dogma at the First Vatican Council in 1870. Just prior to and in conjunction with the canonical proclamation of the dogma of papal infallibility was the issuance of Pope Pius IX’s Encyclical and Syllabus of Error in 1864, which condemned as heretical all Republican governments formed as the result of the Protestant Reformation, the epitome of which was the Constitutional Republic of the United States. At the same time was widely disseminated a book written by an eloquent Roman Catholic priest from Spain who proclaimed that the advancements of civilization were due to the influences of Catholicism and not Protestantism. The inherent message of all these things combined was to mobilize the American Roman Catholic Church in the direction of overthrowing our republic and replacing it with a kingly form of government through which the papacy could rule this country in the same manner as it ruled the kingly governments of Europe during the Old World Order.

Most uninformed Americans would assert that no such thing has resulted. But I beg to differ. I assert that the Presidents of the United States, as much as they can without causing a rebellion, have acted like papal kings by issuing “Presidential Directives” that have the force of law upon being signed by the President, completely bypassing Congress, the supposed representatives of the people. In practice, this makes the President, a king! Still further, the Club of Rome, a Vatican think tank, has redrawn the boundaries of the world into ten regions, often referred to as, “the ten kingdoms of the Club of Rome.” I assert that each of these ten regions has been assigned a papal king who will rule supremely, at the behest of the Pope, over each region. I also assert that the President of the United States, whoever he be, assuming that there will still be a President, will simply be an administrator of the regional king. In any event, the supreme ruler of the world will be the Pope of Rome. In actual effect, the Old World Order will be restored and is being restored right before our eyes, despite all uninformed and deluded assertions to the contrary.

In the book that was widely distributed by the Roman Catholic hierarchy was a chapter entitled, “Resistance to the Civil Power,” that set forth a distinction between legitimate, and illegitimate authority. Legitimate authority was that authority which originated from God. All Catholics believe this legitimacy to be derived from God, but through the Pope, the Vicar of God. So, it stands to reason that all other authority is illegitimate and must be disobeyed as a matter of conscience. Having already been indoctrinated that the government of the United States was in rebellion against God because it denied the divine right of the pope to rule in temporal (civil government) as it does in spiritual (church) affairs, this book only reinforced the direction in which the Roman Church has taken since that time, to overthrow the government of the United States and the Protestantism out of which it sprang. This they do on pain of excommunication and eternal damnation. With all true Romans, the overthrow of our government is a “salvific issue” and is conducted with religious fervor and dedication, a fervor that is only rivaled by the current ignorance and apathy and apostasy of Protestants and Evangelicals who are not only oblivious to this design, but who seek to ecumenically unite with the Catholic Church to establish a “Christian Nation.” Little do they realize that it will not be a “Christian” nation, but a Roman Catholic nation, which is not Christian at all, but Anti-Christian, because it denies Christ and His Law and His Heavenly Kingdom in favor of the Pope and his Canon Law and his EARTHLY kingdom!

Reinforcing the doctrine that all civil governments must be united with the Roman Church, and that the Roman Church is supreme over all civil power, Thompson reveals a distinction made by the Papacy regarding the civil powers, or governments of the world. There are governments de facto, and governments de jure.

According to the teachings of Rome, “governments de facto are those which have been established by the people upon the overthrow of the kingly authority—which is considered the only legitimate authority.” This pertains directly to the United States, because the United States was born out of a revolution by the people of the Colonies, originally under English Kingly rule, to establish a government of their own, independent of and totally unlike that of England. They threw off the papally controlled Crown of England and elected their own President and Congressional representatives, who were not kings, nor were they under papal control, but under the authority of the people who elected them.

Conversely, “all Roman Catholic monarchies (kings) are governments de jure, and therefore, legitimate; while all popular republics are governments de facto, and therefore illegitimate.”

Again, the inference is clear, the goal and aim of the American Roman Catholic Church is to replace our republican form of government with a king subservient to the papacy! In Roman Catholic Canon Law, kings must rule; the people, NEVER!

Americans must be forever vigilant that a king never arise to power over us, whether it be in the form of an elected president acting like a king, or the rising influence of a king being established over the United States in the form created by the Club of Rome and its ten kingdoms. In either case, it will be a PAPAL king and the first result will be the destruction of popular, Constitutionally guaranteed liberties of speech, press, conscience, religion and every other liberty derived from the Protestant Reformation.

Christians should never forget that God no longer dwells in Temples made with hands. The Vatican is a Temple made with BLOODY hands! We are the true temple of God. The Spirit of God dwells in each of us. We must remember that God wrote upon our hearts HIS LAW! We have no need for CANON LAW! The power of God dwells in His people, not in the POPE! The only legitimate power of the civil authority is to reward good and to punish evil. Good is whatever is obedient to GOD’s Law. And evil is whatever violates GOD’s Law. The Papacy is a violation of God’s Law; the very FIRST Commandment, which forbids us to have any gods before Him. That includes, especially, the Pope! The civil power is to reject the Pope AND his canon law! Doing otherwise is to declare war against the King of kings and Lord of lords and against His people and will surely result in the swift and two edged sword of God Almighty!

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“The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson (pages 566-576)

Today on Inquisition Update:

Thompson continues his discussion on the nature of oaths:

“The obligation of an oath is understood to arise out of the law authorizing it.  Although it binds the conscience, in a moral sense, in whatever form it may be taken, yet if not taken pursuant to law its violation does not amount to perjury.  An invalid law is universally held as no law at all, although it may possess the ordinary forms.  Hence, if an oath is required by a law which is null and void, on account of its violation of constitutional or fundamental principles, no legal consequences attach to its violation—the violator being left to settle the matter with his own conscience.  Hence, also, if our naturalization laws require allegiance to institutions which oppose the fundamental principles of Christianity as maintained by the papacy, and are therefore, in the opinion of the pope, invalid, the papal hierarchy readily infer that the violation of this allegiance would involve no crime whatever, but, on the contrary, would arise out of the obligation of duty to God and the Church.  And hence, again, if this violation be merely a matter of conscience, and the pope possesses the power—as standing in the place of God—to dispense with all merely conscientious obligations, then a dispensation from him would place all Roman Catholic violators of the oath of allegiance right before God and the Church.”

If perfectly understood, my listeners and readers will comprehend this to mean that it is a duty of Roman Catholic immigrants to this country not only to defy their naturalization oaths of allegiance, but, as a service to God and the Church, to work to overthrow the laws of America and to replace them with the laws of the Church. This also explains why the popes and the Romanized governments of Europe sponsored so many Roman Catholic immigrants to the U.S.A., and also why our borders with Mexico are left wide open today, and also why the Catholic Churches in this country become asylums for these Catholic invaders.

Oaths of allegiance to the United States taken by Roman Catholic immigrants are illegal oaths (perjuries), according to Canon Law, the False Decretals. Citing one of the canons adopted into law at the Third Lateran Council: “For they are not oaths, but rather perjuries, which are in opposition to the welfare of the Church and the enactments of the holy fathers.” To a Catholic, it is a sin to take these oaths, and a greater sin to obey these oaths, because they are injurious to the Church and the “holy fathers.” Because the United States keeps the State separate from the Church and puts the laws of the State above that of the Church. “Hence, the Constitution of the United States, in so far as these principles are involved, is not binding upon the conscience of any who adhere to those doctrines of that Church which are dictated by the papacy.”

“…it is the inevitable consequence of these papal doctrines…that not only these principles of our Constitution, but all other constitutions and laws which the pope shall declare to be in opposition to the law of God, ‘The welfare of the Church, and the enactments of the holy fathers,’ must be resisted by all who hope for the approbation of the Church, and expect salvation in the world to come; thus making all human institutions dependent upon the will of a single man—upon whomsoever shall, for the time being, be the “King of Rome!”

In other words, overthrowing our Constitution is a “salvific issue” to a Roman Catholic devoted to the pope. Clearly one can see from this that, built into Canon Law is the eternal imperative to restore the Old World Order!

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“The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson (559-566)

Today (1-1-13) on Inquisition Update:

Papal infallibility is an all-encompassing term. “By virtue of the claim of infallibility, the power of arbitrary papal dispensation was carried to its extremest limit, even to the assertion and exercise of the right to infringe the canons of the Church.”

In other words, at his arbitrary whim, a pope may do away with or violate any of the Canon Laws of the Church. These Canon Laws, as we have learned, are the actual decrees of previous infallible popes. But this does not preclude a pope from violating these laws or doing away with them altogether if he so infallibly chooses. In other words, the popes are not bound by their own laws!

Contrast this with Christ Jesus, who kept the Law without sin, even on one count. Had He sinned against His own Law, He would not qualify as the spotless lamb for the sacrifice and we would yet be in our sins. This distinction alone points out the divergent contrast between Christ, and Antichrist.

As an extension of the lawlessness of this lawless one, the papacy, Pope “Innocent III laid down as a maxim, that out of the plentitude of his power he might lawfully dispense with the law;” and caused the Fourth Lateran Council to insert among its canons one which provided “that the constitutions of princes which are prejudicial to the rights of the Church shall not be observed,”—thus establishing as a fixed principle of the canon law, and consequently, as a part of the religious faith of the Church. This canon has repeatedly been invoked by the popes in order to absolve kings and peoples from violating sworn oaths.

It says in the Decretals, the Canon Laws of the Church, “That an oath disadvantageous to the Church is not binding; and that one extorted by force was of slight obligation, and might be annulled by ecclesiastical authority.”

An example of the use of this lawless canon which will make the greatest impact to my readers and listeners is in the case of the swearing in of our Presidents. Every President must swear that he will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. But Pope Pius IX, an infallible pope, condemned our Constitution as heretical, being contrary to the Canon Laws of the Roman Church. As applied, the invocation of this canon upon a duly sworn President renders his oath illegal and he is absolved from disobedience to it because he has sworn an oath that is injurious and prejudicial to the rights of the Roman Church. This alone explains why our Presidents, acting like kings, bypass Congress and issue presidential directives that are directly contrary to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA, which are nothing short of Canon Law in disguise. In actual fact, our presidents are incrementally replacing our Constitution and Bill of Rights with Roman Catholic Canon Law. The same can be said of the oaths taken by Congressional members and the laws they pass that violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is nothing new for the papacy. It is the historical, standard practice of the popes as we have seen so vividly and repeatedly throughout this book.

Thompson gives many specific examples in history were this lawless canon has been invoked.

Pope Urban VI released the obligations of those who made contracts and other agreements with heretics.

Pope Eugenius IV annulled all compacts made with the Hussites. He also annulled a treaty between the King of Hungary and Amurath II because the treaty was disadvantageous to the Church.

Pope Innocent III compelled prefects to swear their oaths of allegiance to himself and not to the kings of their nations.

These are only a few of the examples given. I suspect that it would require an entire book or volumes of books to record every instance of the use of this lawless canon to benefit the church. But the most common use depicted in previous chapters was to absolve kings from honoring their oaths to uphold the Magna Charta, which guaranteed certain inalienable rights to the people. Under Canon Law, the people have no rights and no role in government or the making of the laws under which they are bound to live in unquestioning obedience. These and other abuses served to prepare the people for the Protestant Reformation and the near destruction of papal power during the 16th century.

Thompson explains how this canon affects those foreign immigrants coming to this country who swear oaths of allegiance to America and swear off all other allegiances to all foreign powers. In the pope’s view, the pope is sovereign everywhere and at all times and the swearing of such an oath alienates the people from the pope who is their lawful sovereign no matter where they live in the world. Further, our very Constitution and Bill of Rights are violative of the Canons of the Roman Church, its popes, and the teaching of the “holy fathers.” As such, any oath of allegiance to the United States government is a sin, because it violates the right of the pope’s supremacy and is therefore injurious to the Church, and, is therefore, not an oath at all, but a “perjury”. It is a sin to take such oaths, and further, it is a sin to obey such oaths. Canon Law stipulates that the Pope is the universal sovereign, the Vicar of Christ on earth, who has divine right to rule the world unhindered. Taking an oath of allegiance to the United States by immigrants is a violation of the pope’s rights. Further, Canon Law demands that the Church and the State are to be united; the State subservient and obedient to the Church. In America, the State is supreme to the Church. All these things nullify any oath of allegiance as perjury and obedience to such oath, sin. It is also the demonstrated practice of the popes throughout history to absolve immigrants of any such oaths. Further, Canon Law stipulates that it is the duty of all Catholics, under pain of excommunication and eternal damnation, to work to incrementally overthrow our “heretical” form of government and to replace it with a papal king as was uniformly practiced during the Old World Order.

Built in to the papal system is the overthrow of any and all governments of the world that are not subservient to the pope. History leaves no room to doubt that, sooner or later, our Protestant faith and our Protestant form of government will succumb to the will of the pope if God’s people are not warned and take definitive steps to prevent it.

“The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson (pages 552-559)

Today (12-31-12) on Inquisition Update:

R.W. Thompson tells of the papal crusade led against the Hussites, the Bohemian followers of the early Protestant martyr, John Huss, in a diabolical attempt to exterminate them. The pope sent an alliance of “Italian, French, German, and English soldiers to Bohemia, under the command of one of his cardinals, to exterminate all who embraced the doctrines of Huss.” But the Bohemians drove the papal Crusaders out of their country, thus humiliating the self-professed Vicar of Christ. But the pope, not wishing to admit his humiliation, instructed his legate:

“You will immediately recruit new troops to recommence hostilities, and to wash out, in the blood of the Hussites, the opprobrium with which your name is covered.  Let no consideration arrest you; spare neither money nor men. Believe that we are acting for religion, and that God has no more agreeable holocaust than the blood of his enemies! Strike with the sword, and when your arm can not reach the guilty, employ poison, burn all the towns of Bohemia, that fire may purify this accursed land; transform the country into arid steppes, and let the dead bodies of the heretics hang from the trees in greater number than the leaves of the forest.”

Pope Martin V carried on the Crusade against the Hussites by addressing a letter to the king of Poland soliciting his aid in their extermination. It reads in part:

“Know that the interests of the Holy See, and those of your crown, make it a duty to exterminate the Hussites.  Remember that these impious persons dare proclaim principles of equality; they maintain that all Christians are brethren, and that God has not given to privileged men the right of ruling the nations; they hold that Christ came on earth to abolish slavery; they call the people to liberty, that is, to the annihilation of kings and priests.  While there is still time, then, turn your forces against Bohemia; burn, massacre, make deserts everywhere, for nothing could be more agreeable to God, nor more useful to the cause of kings, than the extermination of the Hussites.”

Again, the Bohemians, defending their inalienable rights, “cut the papal army to pieces, driving it back in dismay and disgrace.” The omnipotent, infallible papal king of kings and lord of lords, upon hearing of his defeat, “was seized with a fit of apoplexy, and died, disappointed in his hopes, and despised by all except those who were united with him in the effort to keep the people in degradation and perpetuate the reign of papal and imperial absolutism.”

Note: The popes were repeatedly defeated and humiliated by these righteous Hussites of Bohemia. And one can’t help but wonder if the mock human sacrifice called, “The Cremation of Care” and the ritualistic equivalent of the Roman Catholic mass held each year at “Bohemian Grove” near San Francisco and attended by the world’s ruling elite is not directly related to the humiliation suffered by the popes who tried unsuccessfully to exterminate them. Is this diabolical ritual in actuality an occult expression of the papacy’s desire to avenge itself of this humiliation and an indication of how the papacy will eventually avenge itself by these ruling elite members that participate each year?

The persecution and attempted annihilation of the Hussites was conducted under the authority of the canons of the Fourth Lateran Council that made it a crime for anyone to refuse to exterminate heretics by force. And those canons and that Council are as much an integral and irrefutable part of the Roman Catholic faith today as it was then. At any time, any pope may invoke a Crusade against heretics wherever they are and at a time most advantageous to the Church. No wonder R.W. Thompson perceived the threat that Roman Catholicism poses to our Protestant nation, its people, its institutions, our Constitution, our form of government, and our way of life.

Thompson reiterates that the corruptions of the popes continued throughout this bloody period as if God permitted it in order that the world would have no excuse but to condemn it as Antichrist and to prepare His people for the Protestant Reformation. And it boggles the mind to comprehend that this bloodthirsty and debauched Roman church claims today one sixth of the world’s population as adherents. And what is even more inexplicable is the success enjoyed by the papacy in its ecumenical effort to reunite the once PROTESTant churches back into full communion with the church of Antichrist. Apostasy simply fails to describe it.

Thompson, speaking of Pope Pius IX who issued to the world the Syllabus of Error in 1864 just prior to the writing of this book, concludes chapter XVII thus:

“By the proclamation of his sovereignty, his infallibility, and his omnipotence, he leaves no room to doubt that he desires to turn the Christian world back from its progressive (Protestant) advancement into the terrible condition from which the Reformation raised it, and by the substitutions of terror, hatred, and intolerance, for love charity, and toleration, to win again universal supremacy for the papacy.  To do this, he would enslave all peoples who will not obey him, destroy all governments wherein the people have power, abrogate every law in conflict with papal enactments, restore the universal reign of kings, and establish a Holy Empire, with ecclesiastical supremacy, upon the ruins of all popular government.”

I ask my readers and listeners if any of us dare to suggest that the papacy has changed or will repudiate the Fourth Lateran Council? And given the advanced war-making technologies possessed by our government today, how easily and rapidly could the pope exterminate the “heretics” in this country if he sent a letter to our president like the one he sent to the king of Poland?

Thompson opens chapter XVIII with a discussion about how the popes extended their spiritual and temporal jurisdictions to Ireland, beyond the boundaries previously set forth by the forged Donation of Constantine. In order to justify the extension of papal jurisdiction beyond the bounds of the Roman Empire to include Ireland, the pope, Adrian IV, simply asserted his imagined infallible status and pretended papal prerogative to establish his own jurisdiction as he autonomously thought fitting. He simply authorized the merciless king of England, Henry II, to subjugate Ireland on the grounds that it was a portion of the “patrimony of Peter and the Holy Roman Church.” In this act, the Papacy extricated itself from any suggestion of jurisdictional limits, which is vastly important seeing that the Papacy claims to be the divine right ruler of the entire world. All of this was done despite the fact that the church of Ireland grew up totally independent of Rome and derived its canons and faith under the ministry of St. Patrick and elected its own bishops and priests without Roman oversight or interference. All of this is used by the papacy as precedent to show and to demonstrate the historical exercise of the doctrine of the universal sovereignty of the papacy. It establishes in perpetuity the papal claim of universality, literally making the pope the god of this world without limits.

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“The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R.W. Thompson (pages 545-552)

Today on Inquisition Update:

Infamous Pope John XXIII attempted to distract the Council of Constance in order to preserve himself from deposition. He arrived in Constance early and immediately began to “shape the policy of the council so as to divert attention from his own crimes.” Pope John had previously used all of his influence and pontifical power to align the Roman hierarchy in support of his Crusade against King Ladislaus of Napals for no other reason than that Ladislaus supported Pope Gregory XII, who was a rival pope to John. John must have reasoned that if he could likewise influence the Council of Constance on other such matters, he might be spared the Council’s wrath against himself.

Thompson says, “‘Accordingly, the foil (distraction) he used was the heresy of [John] Huss,’ which he hoped would give him the opportunity of showing how faithfully he guarded the faith of the Church!” He further attempted to color the Council by declaring in his opening statements that the Council of Constance was but a continuance of the Council of Pisa, hoping to divert the thoughts of the Council to matters related to that previous council and to divert it from the purpose of exercising its jurisprudence against his own crimes. He further used one of his own cardinals to suggest to the Council that it was expected to deal with doctrinal questions that had arisen because of the teachings of John Wycliffe, which was simply another attempt to focus the Council’s attention on John Huss, who maintained the teachings of Wycliffe. In his efforts to make John Huss a “scapegoat,” Pope John failed because the Council ultimately deposed him and attached to him the reputation as one of the most wicked popes of all time. But many would say that the crowning jewel of all his wickedness was his instigation of the Inquisitorial treatment, trial, conviction, and burning of John Huss and Jerome of Prague as a result of his manipulation of this Council.

Of the Inquisition of John Huss, Thompson writes, “Huss, when summoned before the council, was told that he had been charged with disseminating ‘errors of the gravest kind’ in Bohemia, but they were not specifically stated. He was only notified that they were ‘manifestly opposed to the Catholic Church.’ To this indefinite accusation he replied, like an honest man, ‘If any one can convince me of any error, I will unhesitatingly abjure it.’ Specific articles of accusation were, however, afterward drawn up against him, by which it was charged, 1st, that he rejected the doctrine of transubstantiation; 2d, with maintaining that a priest in mortal sin can not administer the sacraments; 3d, that by the Church is not to be understood the pope, clergy, or members of the hierarchy; 4th, that the endowment of the Church by secular princes is unwise; 5th, that all priests are equal, and it is false that bishops alone have the right to consecrate and ordain; 6th, that the entire Church has no power of the keys, when the whole clergy is in gross sin and, 7th, that he had contemned his excommunication by saying mass every day on his journey to Constance.”

After having been assured by Pope John XXIII of safe passage both to and from the council, Thompson says Huss “was immediately arrested and held in custody as a prisoner, to answer this indictment.  His place of imprisonment was a nauseous and unhealthy apartment, ‘through which every sort of impurity was discharged into the lake’ of Constance.” Huss contracted illness as a result, and the pope, fearing that Huss might die in prison and he would lose his “scapegoat,” put him in better lodgings “lest Huss should die in prison, and the cause of orthodoxy lose the incense of a burning heretic.”

True to the canon law, the council denied Huss an advocate, forcing him to defend himself in his weakened condition, which he did “masterfully”, given his “great power of mind, and his unflinching courage.” But as with all Inquisitorial courts, “All sorts of evidence were admitted against him, every thing he said was tortured into heresy; and after a mock trial of a few days, he was pronounced by this great ecumenical council to be guilty—not of any crime, but of daring to think!” How PROTESTant of him!

Much could be written about the 7 counts that Huss leveled against the Church of Rome, as previously enumerated, to show the influence that Christ and the scriptures had upon him. But it is sufficient to suggest and plain to see that he held beliefs and teachings, though not completely developed into the pure teachings of Protestantism, were worthy and commendable in such early days of reform. And the treacherous treatment of this pope and this council and the eventual burnings of Huss and Jerome lit a fire in Bohemia that couldn’t be extinguished. Though the memory of John Huss, largely forgotten in our current apostate, ecumenical “Christianity,” he is regarded as one of the brightest lights in the Protestant heavens. Were the likes of John Huss remembered today, such abominations as the post Vatican Council II ecumenical movement to reunite all churches back to Rome would be unthinkable. And because of this forgotten history, history is about to repeat itself and papal tyranny is being restored, not just in this country, but all over the world! While PROTESTANTS are sleeping, the Old World Order is being restored. Welcome to the New World Order!

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